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Sorry :(

2011-01-16 03:51:51 by DestroyedPencil

Sorry everyone. Doesn't look like many people want an episode 4. Thanks to all who tried voice acting and helping out; but Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts has come to an end. :(

By the way, my youtube account was deleted, so please do not ask where it has gone. You can unsubscribe to it because I can no longer access it.

Thank you all once again.


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2011-01-23 19:50:32

...does there really have to be voice acting mean come the people couldn't have been that bad

DestroyedPencil responds:

it wasn't that they were bad, it was that not every character had a voice actor. :/


2011-02-21 20:11:45

sounds to me like they're assholes!!!

DestroyedPencil responds:

maybe... :P


2011-03-04 02:54:11

make # 4 pls pls pls pls pls pls

DestroyedPencil responds:

yeah, im on it now. Amazingly only 5 people actually cared, but im making it now... :)


2011-04-16 10:53:59

plz plz plz make more ff kingdom hearts they were so good

DestroyedPencil responds:

i am :)


2011-05-07 14:40:15

You should keep goin man


2011-05-08 16:52:44

keep final fantasy kingdom hearts its awesome


2011-05-13 15:35:56

Sorry, but its not about the people who doesnt see it, its about the ones who enjoy it and see it, I added the three ep. to my favs.


2011-05-13 15:47:04

If you know, even though seven people cared, others really want oyu to continue, I love this series and I want to keep seeing it and be amazed, I love your work and you shouldnt give up, like I said, it doesnt matter if others dont like it, you should do it for the fans of your work so please respond because we care, this is how much I care for your work so dont dissapoint us please.

DestroyedPencil responds:

=) don't worry EVERYONE! I'm working on it, but the progress rate is VERY VERY SLOW. I'm super busy with life right now but I have done around half of it. I'll fill you all out later. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!


2011-05-14 13:47:08

NO THAT IS HORRIBLE! I beg that you make episode 4!!! I want it so bad, this series is actually pretty good!


2011-06-24 01:00:46

You're still gonna make episode 4!?

DestroyedPencil responds:



2011-06-29 18:59:31

dude you are the sexiest man alive! do you get the ladies or what cause seriously man! im jealous!


2011-07-12 13:15:06

i think the ff kindom hearts was awesome! please contiune on making them, people seem to enjoy it not only me :3 anyway i say, keep up the good work!


2011-07-24 17:54:34

Hello DestroyedPencil!
Please I want to see Episode 4, oh yes yes.
I am good boy.


2011-09-10 18:36:50

PLEASE MAKE 4 PLEASE i AM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-09-21 15:20:48

you better make a number 4 or I will sue you!


2011-10-08 19:11:36 for no 4.......but, thanks for trying, I'd of loved it.


2011-10-23 01:44:32

i care :) how much progress have you done?


2012-05-12 09:22:03

hey i joined newgrounds yesterday and i love your game please please please!!!!!! make episode 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i love that game so much!


2013-03-10 07:57:24

Do you still work on Ep.4?


2013-12-07 12:23:11

It is so sad you stop it!


2014-05-17 17:27:50

Please make a number 4! I never find a good Fan-Made KH Spinoff game, but this is excellent.


2015-07-20 20:11:44